Am I gonna be waiting forever?

My bf has been asked a lot this year by his mates when his gonna pop the big question? To which he jokes around about. I already have asked mate, she doesn't like fish... Or he will avoid the question and change the subject. But now he has been bringing up marriage saying stuff like I can't talk we aren't married if we get married and most recently he asked how I think my oldest child would cope/react if they were the only one in our house with a different last name. I don't know if I am reading way too much into this as that's what I do. But I'm thinking he may be thinking about it. How can I be sure?


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  • I think you should just relax. Guys do not want to be pressured about that stuff cause they like their freedom.
    If he asks then great, if he doesn't then stay with him until you feel like it.


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