Brother-in-law's as groomsmen?

Fiance and I were talking about planning the wedding and I asked him how many groomsmen he though he'd want. He said at least two.

When I asked him why, he said that his two sisters would be angry if their husbands didn't stand up at his wedding.

Almost as an afterthought he stressed that he really likes his brother-in-laws and since he stood up at their weddings, it's only fair to have them stand at his.

I really like them too, but I'm not sure if I necessarily want them in the wedding party. It'd be fine if they did, but not if it's because his sisters were forcing them to.

They're 10 years older than us, and it just makes me mad that his sisters would be mad if their husbands didn't stand at our wedding. It's OUR wedding. They don't have any right to dictate who or who isn't in our wedding party.

Apparently one of his sisters threatened to disown him if her husband didn't stand up in our wedding.

I think that's a little bit dramatic of her, but maybe it's a general thing?

Am I wrong for being upset about this? I mean, we have the agreement that I get to pick my bridesmaids and he gets to pick his groomsmen, but I want him to pick guys he genuinely wants to stand with us, not guys his sisters forced him to.


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  • Well as everyone knows its your day. Ripe them bitches a new asshole. Figuratively speaking of course...


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  • Has your husband tried to dictate to you, who you can choose as your bridesmaids?

    Would he ever?

    I didnt' think so. So stay out of it.

    • Actually, he HAS expressed a very opinionated opinion of who he'd want up on my side of things.

    • Even still, you claim "we have the agreement that I get to pick my bridesmaids and he gets to pick his groomsmen"

      Either stick by the agreement, or don't (and show him what sort of person he's going to be hitched to...)

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