Opinions on giving gifts or money at a wedding?

Very curious to see what other people think about this subject.
It has become (in recent years) fairly socially acceptable for brides/grooms to get angry when they receive a gift instead of cash, or an amount of cash lower than the cost of a plate. I think this is incredibly rude and unbelievable.
In my opinion, a wedding is to celebrate a commitment between two people, surrounded by friends and family. It is up to the couple to decide how much they can afford to spend on a wedding and not rely on guests to supplement their wedding.
If I were to get married, I would set a budget that I can afford for the wedding. I would not expect gifts from guests, however be very grateful for them as I feel gifts should be given out of kindness, not requirement.
In short, guests should not have to pay to be at your wedding.


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  • It depends how important the people getting married are to you. If you are having financial issues, I'm sure it would be understood that an expensive gift is not to be expected. Something thoughtful but cheap would be fine.

    I hate the idea of gift registries and/or money. I think the joy in gift giving is finding something personal that you choose for a person you know. When I see requests for money I usually pretty much ignore them as I feel like I'm being extorted. I suppose it's practical and some would say that the couple is spending so much on a reception (if they do). As far as that goes, if people choose to spend a lot of money it's because they want to and I have no reason to subsidize that. Token but thoughtful gifts are what I usually stick with.


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  • My little brother just got married so I might have opinion on this in my opinion when it comes to gifts and other things for brides and grooms at weddings they should be happy with anything they get it's a free engagement you are taking time and money out of your pocket to get them something it's part of being nice just part of helping them out but if they want to be ungrateful because I didn't get cash. And to be honest if I found out that I had friends or relatives it were that shallow they would no longer be friends or relatives.

  • That's what my parents are going to be doing for my cousin at her wedding on Sunday (they actually eloped yesterday but want to have a wedding on Sunday, as well as one in October)


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