If a guy says he's happy and wants to move on would you believe him?

Here's the scenario: a past cheater is texting other girls, firting and chasing them whilst dating his fiance. Literally a couple of weeks before he gets married.
His mum finds out so he says he's sorry and wants to move on now.

Would you believe him or is this a cover up?


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  • Noooooooo D:

    Considering he was doing it WHILE HE WAS ENGAGED says it all. I really wouldn't have a scrap of trust left in the guy.


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  • If someone had it in them to the worst betrayal ever then no, I won't ever believe him or be able to trust him. If someone is willing to do that to you then it means they a) have no respect for you and b) can't love you that much if they would do something like that nevermind with multiple people.

    • What do you mean by if someone had it in them to the worst betrayal ever?

    • Well it takes a certain type of person to cheat, doesn't it?
      I mean would you ever cheat on the person you truly love?

    • Nope, so clearly this guy should've changed already before getting married

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