Men, besides good looks, what are some qualities you'd like in a wife?

Men, besides good looks, what are some qualities you'd like in a wife?


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  • - Intelligent
    - Confident but submissive
    - Strong but vulnerable
    - Loves men for who they are rather than trying to make us something we're not
    - Not embarrassed to be a woman
    - Loving and affectionate
    - More interested in relationship and family than career
    - Lady on the street and a freak in the sheets
    - Embraces her sexuality and isn't afraid to get rough and dirty
    - Loyal
    - Loves children
    - Loves dogs
    - Loves the outdoors
    - Not too into clothes, hair, nails and makeup

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  • 1. common sense (she wouldn't douse a grease fire with water)
    2. she's above average in intelligence (doesn't have to be Einstein)
    3. she's knowledgeable about at least a few things, preferably things I'm not knowledgeable about
    4. she has good character
    5. she's loyal
    6. she'd be steady in a storm, because life always has challenges (she wouldn't freak when she needed to be strong)
    7. she'd be a loving mom (meaning she wouldn't take crap from the kids)
    8. she'd have a sense of humor, including about herself
    9. she had my back
    10. she liked dogs

  • We have to share some common interests. Or be willing to find new common interests.
    No spiritual nonsense. At all. Especially not a belief in astrology.
    A strong aversion to Ugg Boots.
    A least a moderate interest in politics and social issues.

    That seems reasonable.

  • Intelligence, ambition, shared interests


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