Do you think marriage is an exchange of commodities, a convention or a lasting emotional bond?

Do you think marriage is an exchange of commodities a test of honor or a lasting emotional bond?

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  • Yes.

    As in, "yes, yes, yes." There are so many different ways to look at a marriage! In some areas (middle east, caucasuses), it's a joining of families. In the US, we fawn on the idea of "true love." There are still plenty of people going on about marriage-first-love-later (may have been more prevalent with arranged marriages, yes?). There are certainly marriages out there where they've got some agreement ("I run the house and raise the kids. I expect sex 2x/week. You'll get cooked meals and won't have to do housework...") Etc etc etc.

    I suppose the important thing is to make sure the people involved are on the same page.

    Personally, I'm not such a big fan of the "exchange of commodities" idea, but it exists...


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  • All of the above. It's a convention of an exchange of commodities based on a lasting emotional bond, in most cases.

  • It depends on the couple. All your options are true for certain people