How do I know if I'm marriage material?

Do you know if you're ready for marriage when you get into an awesome relationship with an awesome person?

Or do you become ready for marriage and therefore are more open to the type of relationship and person that will lead to tying the knot?

If you are married, how did you know?


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  • I've gotten into relationships with the fuzzy understanding that, at some point, I would like to be married. I've also made an effort to date women I'd be (at least) okay with marrying :)

    It hasn't happened yet... but it might soon.


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  • I'm not married, nor have I ever been, but I think you'll know when you are ready. You'll meet 'the one' and you guys will have a great relationship and you'll realize you want to marry her... that's when you'll know.

    • So you think its the person, not the state of mind, that brings about marriage?

    • I think it's both. You have to be mature enough to handle a marriage and becoming half of a lifelong partnership but you also need the right person

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