How to convince girlfriend for marriage?

M convincing my gal for gettn married bt as her elder sister got divorced recently she has lost trust in marriages. As her elder sis had also married d guy she loved. M convincing her from a long time bt she doent wants to get married!! Can anybody help me. ?


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  • If she loves, she will trust you. relationships are not the same, and it won't end-up the same!
    talk to her, show her how much you love her and want to get old with her. talk more about your future together (make plans) than she will feel safe with you. as long as you have trust in your relationship, believe nothing can break it. tell her your true feelings, eventually she won't resist being away from you :D good luck


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  • Just say that life is not wirth without taking risks!

  • If she doesn't want to marry you, she doesnt. It can't be only reason she doesn't want to do it, that her sister got divorced.
    You sound too immature to marry yet anyways. Just keep dating and being in love. Time for marriage will come

    • She wants to date me bt she says she lost her trust in marriages... befre she ws frst to start any talks about marriage nw she runs away !!!

    • Well why so obsessed about marriage? Its nothing so special.

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