Dating dilemma - I believe in no sex before marriage but he doesn't

im christian and he's not

i believe in no sex before marriage and he doesn't

but we really like eachother

he says he needs to think about it because he doesn't think he can be in a relationship without sex is it that he really just doesn't like me enough for my personality?


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  • Christianity preaches no sex unless to make a child, don't think that once you're married you can just have sex any time you want.

    • Nooo it doesn't least not at the church I go to

    • I'm agnostic, but the original christian teachings were made for no sex unless to procreate and it must also be done in wedlock.

      Do some research on the subject and while you're at it look up some new discoveries on the city on Pompay (or is it Bompay or something? That Roman city), you'll see that sex was definitly NOT something that was saved until marrige and much less solely for making a child. At least until what's his face took over after Cesar.

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  • Well, sexual interactions can really hold a relationship together and keep it healthy.

    It's not that your personality isn't enough, don't think that. Guys have needs, though.