Should you know anything about a woman's past before deciding to marry her?

*What questions do you need to know the answers to.


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  • I wouldn't marry a dude if I didn't know everything I wanted to know about him.


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  • I mean technically you dont really have to know anything about a person before decided to marry them.
    Strangers marry strangers **arranged marriage**
    Friends marry friends without dating
    Bestfriends marry their best friend, so there is no set list of questions

    Here's a list of topics that would be nice to talk about before marriage:
    Virginity/sex/expectations " How many people has she slept with"
    Career Goals/ Life Aspirations/ Money " Does she have any debt, student loans etc, Credit Issues,
    Kids/ Religion/Cultural differences-expectations
    Holidays/ friends/ famiy - how often they'll visit
    Household chores/cooking/cleaning/gender roles - you know where I'm going with this

    All great topics ironically made from the top causes or divorce and argumennts

  • It's nice for Alittle mystery so in the marriage you'd still learn a few stuff and it wouldn't be boring... Leave it be unless she has a criminal record

    • Haha... what's your husband's name?

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