My military guy friend wants to marry my best friend to receive military benefits? They only known each other less than a month. Is this normal?

So this guy friend who is in the military wants to marry my friend. But they are doing it to receive money and benefits. He has been in the military for 8 years now. I guess my question is this normal? I feel sorry for her and I worry about her. They are staying together as friends but marry for the benefits. How would there family take it? Has anyone in the military done this before?

I am really curious I just never heard of this being done before? The guy is 28 and my friend is 26.
I really tried to talk her out of it because marriage is a big choice to make. But she won't listen to me. I worry for her.


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  • There are a LOT of people that treat marriage as a business transaction. Rich families marry their kids, even here in America, to "combine and fortifiy' two rich families and then combine businesses. Lots of people get married to have medical benefits, get more welfare, tax purposes.
    In the military you will get housing allowance unless you qualify for on base housing, extra clothing allowance, allowance for kids, it can be worth a lot of money. I never knew anyone that did it because I wasn't in the military long enough. I wish I had stayed in.

    • I guess this proves that marriage is definitely not what it used to be.

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  • Yep.

    The Marines even have a comic about it.

    • Wow. I didn't realize this happened a lot. Those comics were pretty funny. Thanks for your answer. If your friend was in the same situation would try talking him/her out of it tho. or just let it be? I hate to tell her how I feel about this but I really care about her she is my best friend and I just want the best for her.

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    • I guess I will just leave it. I mean it is what is. :/ she will learn.

    • but then if it does go wrong , would you not be kicking yourself for not stopping it.
      Damned if you do , damned if you don't.
      Catch 22 situation you have there.

  • It happens; it's not illegal. Marriage is a business contract. They don't have to marry for love. However, the monetary increase is not as much as you would expect.

    • That is true people do marry for money. But it is just you know I just wish that she was doing it for the "right reasons". I have seen some ugly divorces. But she is an adult... but still I want the best for her. Thank you for your answer :)

    • I believe a friend of mine is going through the marrying for wrong reasons and I'm very concerned as well.

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  • She's 26 and she can always divorce is her choice. It's messed up but who knows May be they fall in love. just be there for her

    • Maybe but I guess it is possible to fall in love in almost two months of knowing each other

  • My best guy friend offered to marry one of my best girl friend to cover some people expensive surgery she needed. She declined. They had been friends several years.

    • Wow. so this is really normal?

    • That's the only case I know of for benefits.

      my other guy friend is marrying, I think he's making a mistake. He got tired of women expecting him to shell out Money I think. When he told me he was getting engaged, while discussing he said "if we broke up o wouldn't find someone else like her", I asked what he meant, he replied with one work a career :/ wroooong reason.

      please talk to her. However marriage itself is only paper. As long as they're not fooling themselves it's for love. That's important!

  • Well they are screwing the system, and fucking with money, that aren't theirs, thats for sure. But then again, who isn't. I would do it.

    • Really? I wouldn't it just doesn't feel right. But everyone is different. I am not judging you. Thank you for your answer.