Need advice on this one Married young and now both enjoy different things to do in life?

So I was had just turned 21 when I got married. I met my hubby when I was 19, I was overseas meant to be travelling but I just ended up living with him/ partyin & workin instead. We were both on the hard d r u g s daily together whilst we were there and when my visa ran out I had to move back home so we decided to get married and for him join me here. Then my hubby had to stop doing that stuff as they drug tested in his work. We would sometimes dabble together just on holidays etc (But I would smoke green daily) I am more then happy sitting at home doing that then going out at all. that's just my idea of fun problem is for 5 years he has been trying to get me off the stuff I would for short periods and then back on, in the past 5 years I have relapsed 7times. Recently I did a week stint in detox I was 78 days clean but then hubby got sacked from his job for doing the wrong big loss of $$ then his mum got sick so he has been home back 4 nearly 2 months!. Iv relapsed BAD on gear + weed most days got it straight after he left and havnt stopped & true Iv enjoyed partying no restrictions noone telling me what im allowed or allowed to do. I don't want to have no control, Only other thing that makes me happy would be a baby, id stop using in a heartbeat, have been wanting and asking for a baby prob4.5 years. And he is always not yet not yet soon. So I feel trapped I love the stuff so much and don't want to stop but I don' want this to cost me my marriage u know, I know drugs are bad for me and I shouldn't do them but I can't stop... I feel like if u don't want to give me a baby I want to party, have fun, be 26, get smashed, honestly even maby swing with him... But he just's doesn't want that life anymore he wants to go running, and cycling live healthy and I wana still eat burgers... I love him so much just confused and would love that family lifestyle but if its not there should I still be able to do what I want and have fun or should go to rehab ,


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  • Sounds to me like you need more help than what you've sought so far. If it's becoming dangerous for you or your couple, and quitting is not that easy you need a support systems, lead by a professional.


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