Can you know you're with the person you are going to marry instantly?

I met this guy about 2 weeks ago and everything just seems to click. Like it's never been this easy being around a guy before. Everything is comfortable and it's just amazing! So I guess I was just wondering if you could know this early if you've met/ are with the person you're meant to be with?


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  • Perhaps he is the right person but you shouldn't get married so fast. Watch Frozen.


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  • Yes you definitely can =) that's how me and my man feel for each other. It took us less then a week. The first moment I layed eyes on him and we talked, I KNEW instantly he was special that we belong together forever. Can't really explain it. It just feels so right. We feel like one. We have such a connection. And feel comfortable with each other. So go for it! I hope it all goes well.