Guys, how important is it to you to have a wedding ceremony?

Plenty of girls dream of their wedding day from the moment they can crawl. But what about guys? Assuming you're planning on getting married at all, I'm curious to know how many of you really want a wedding ceremony.

I'm asking because I've never had any desire for a wedding (for a number of reasons, but that's not important right now), and I wonder whether that would be disappointing for most guys.

Basically I'm just wondering how many of you would be okay with eloping. A courthouse marriage and then off to sunny Barbados, perhaps.


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  • Zero importance.

    • We had a courtroom marriage on Saturday, a good restaurant with close family and best friends, back on the job Monday. Honeymoon voyage to Greece six months later, got ill there, each another condition.
      Still happy together decades later.
      That's more important than a big ceremony.

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  • Well, it wan't just about me. My partner and I had been together for 8 years and were living together, the marriage itself was almost a formality at that point. I would have probably been fine with just a piece of paper. My partner as well, most likely. But it wan't just about us, it was for the parents, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles. All of those friends and family that have supported us growing up, helped us get to where we were, helped us become the people we are. It wasn't a case of 'hey, look at us', more a case of 'thank you for making us who we are'.

    So for us, we just wanted something fun. Turned it into a masquerade ball, basically, with a wedding ceremony. Black tie and Venetian masks. So much fun. People still talk about it.

    But I can say 100% that when I was young, I was not dreaming of a wedding, and certainly not dreaming of a wedding wearing masks, held in a private clubhouse surrounded by trees and a rugby field. And my partner is an artsy gamer girl, not very "girly-girl", so she grew up wanting a dragon, not a wedding. Actually, she would still probably really like a dragon.

  • As long as my bride, Mon, dad, brother, and cousin are their I'm fine. And her family along with the BEST wedding cake. Then I'm good, don't care about the other stuff.


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  • if i EVER agree to marry though i don't see the point, its going to be city hall. nothing i want less than a wedding and a big far dress and wedding bill i could have used to do something interesting or to pay bills.

    i find weddings to be really suffocating and i'd be embarrassed to be up there. I'm not shy i just would feel silly. I've never wanted one.

    I know you're asking guys but I just wanted to add my perspective bc you added yours about women... I'm a woman and i never dreamt of one.

    • And i hate cake. horribly- sweet -saturated fat laiden- processed waste of calories ;)