What do u do when your wife is so pissed off she won't talk to you?

We both don't work but I'm looking for a job but she can't because of her cancer. So we have been getting food stamps to pay for food. So I went and got some food at the store so we could have dinner but I spent to much which wasn't my fault. We needed food for dinner then when she found out how much I spent she got so pissed she won't talk to me. What do I do? Her mom already doesn't like me anyways so who cares what she thinks about me.


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  • Just hang in there! Aside from looking from stable employment... in the meantime you should try to find odd Under the take jobs. I know these times are trying... she is probably emotionally from her illness. And it is difficult for her to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I applaud you for trying, being a support, and doing the best that you can considering the circumstances. Right now she's awfully worried about finances and she couldn't see the forest because of three trees. Next time just be a little more careful. Just continue to love her... hold her, reassure her, but first give her a little time to cool off. Temporarily find other ways to cut back... if at all possible.


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  • There is no good way to handle it when women start acting unreasonable. I would say just ignore her and enjoy the silence. If later she wants to talk about it, then you can talk about it. If she isn't willing to talk about it calmly, then there really isn't anything you can do. Right now she is just being spiteful and wants to teach you a lesson.

    If you go crawling to her for forgiveness, she would be disgusted by how weak you come across, and would lose respect for you. It would also teach her that she can control you by acting like this. Don't let her know that her "punishments" work on you. This will only encourage her to continue to manipulate you like that. Women don't respect men they can easily control. They respect men that challenge them.

    It may also be that she just needs some space, but typically that isn't the case with women. Normally when a woman is giving us the silent treatment they go out of their way to show they are giving us the silent treatment. Either way just leaving her alone to calm down would be the best solution I could come up with.