My dad has problems maybe?

My dad thinks my mom is cheating on him. she denies, and i dont think she cheats. My dad made home upside-down like chair etc... And i shouted at him and told my mom to go to my room. And told my dad not even come to my room. And i think i overreacted to my dad i dont know.

In the morning, my dad behaved me good, asked me if i want food out. I dont know what to do, plase help me , im in a really really bad situation.

P. S: my mom thinks divorce afterwards, and i support her.


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  • oh man!.. maybe your dad has trust issues or is feeling insecure.. there's certainly a reason behind his behavior

    • yeah he's totally sure about it. he was so sure of it and angry with it. and behaved me well today.

      But i dont think my mom cheats, because we go everywhere with my mom and i see her friendships.

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    • thanks for MH and hope things get better

    • Hope so.

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  • Sometimes when people accuse their partner of cheating on them it's because they're doing the cheating and have a guilty mind. You reacted in the way anyone would react, it's not a nice situation to see your parents in as they're meant to be the ones who have got their shit together. Maybe you could convince your parents to go and see someone to sort out their issues before your mom files for divorce.

    • maybe, but i also dont think my dad is cheating. I usually dont like my father, but i dont think he cheats.

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