Ladies what's your dream ring? Post photos?

I can not decide to save my life, I like a lot of rings, but not one particular style. Which is hard on my man :P who wants to surprise me. Some times I like big stones, sometimes I like small, sometimes colored stones, sometimes not...
What is your favorite?

As weird as this is, this is one of my favorites


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  • On a side note, what do u ask the jeweler when u don't want a diamond dug up by 12 year old African boys who get whipped n beaten when they don't have a big enough rock to support civil war in Africa?

    I want an alternative to diamonds. I'm not down with this

    • I only want a vintage ring, which means it won't be a conflict diamond :)

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    • Nah I'm all about vintage everything, clothes and jewelry especially. I love Art Deco rings

    • Keep it that way. Vintage. Now everything supports an army somewhere

  • I would think it would be something like this?


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