Why do people like June weddings? I want one in Autumn because it's my favourite season but all my friends talk about a June wedding?

Straight forward question. What's so great about a wedding in June?
I love the colours of Autumn, the yellow, deep red, orange and gold tint in the leaves and so I want an outdoor wedding where I can enjoy all of it... but I can't understand what's great about a June wedding...


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  • I'm the same. I want an Autumn/Winter wedding rather than a summer one. I think its because the weather is nice, more likely to have sunshine and you don't have to wear layers and run that strapless gown effect. It' more about looks.
    And there's the chance of having barbeques or whatever - outdoor food basically. It's a party atmosphere.

    See, I want a firework display in time to music (personal reasons), so having a longer period of night suits me. And I hate being too hot, I'd rather be cold and have my make up not sweat off. Plus there's the chance to steal my misters jacket... :P


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  • It is because I was born in June, so June is seen as the most lucky month of all. :p

    I think it is because a lot of places are more likely to have good weather in June compared to Autumn. A lot of places can't have an outdoor wedding in Autumn because it is too cold.

    • that makes sense..
      I live in Australia and June is the beginning of Winter! not the best time to have a wedding.

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