Christian's women only - Is it hard to find a virgin man? and would you say this good value I have?

I'm the type of Christian's that only find 1 and its keeper. I don't care for anther female's then my own except friends. or jobs. I will defend my girl I even will die just to protect her its men duty well my duty.

but the ultimate thing is I never had sex and I be honest for women that think men lie and I will only have it after marriage.

few of issue for me are I'm very very sexual active like crazy. <-------- is what I little scared on because I don't want my women to think I want sex instead of her but I just want be as close to my girl as possible and I want her to feel good as me. that's why I like sex a lot. its its like I'm cuddling and feeling / receiving nice feeling and were like 1 you get the idea. I want this to be anonymously but im a guy for real.


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  • I'm christian. I don't want a virgin and I am not a virgin

    • @Anonymous
      You shouldn't care if a guy is a virgin, I am not just saying that as one. Some men (a lot actually) are selfish lovers who despite their experience "in bed" do not know or don't care to know how to please a woman, but its cool, : )
      "to each his or her own".

      Come on man, its about love, why so much hate?

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  • I'm not christian but finding a virgin isn't like hard its not as if they are a unicorn lots of people on this site are virgins for goodness sake and its an indifferent value or quality


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  • Yeah I thought I was alone as one but that is "definitely" not the case. A lot of Christians, men and women alike, are not virgins. But the more you hang around people of similar "viewpoints" then the more likely you will find one like you.

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