Describe your ideal significant other?

From personality, to looks. From head to toe. From race to religion. From interests to pintrest. Ok I'm done.


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  • I think the most important thing I look for in a partner is that we both have a similar sense of humor. For me, laughter is a way for me to feel connected to someone and the quickest way to break the ice. There's no better feeling than someone who can make me laugh so hard that tears are rolling down my cheek, and I want to be able to do that for him as well.

    Intelligence is another biggie for me. I don't just mean "book smart" but rather that he's hungry for knowledge and loves having passionate & stimulating conversations. I want to be able to have lengthy conversations about religion, politics, philosophy, etc with him.

    He needs to be passionate about something. I couldn't care less what it is, but there needs to be something that lights a fire in him and gives his life purpose. There's nothing more beautiful than the way someone's eyes light up when they talk about something that they love. Whether that be video games or music, it's still wonderful.

    I'd heavily prefer is he was a very laid back person that's willing to take life for what it is. I'm a bit of a hippie so it's really important to me to remain stress free and to just accept my life and the world around me for what it is. I'd love for my partner to share this way of thinking with me, because I simply don't enjoy being around uptight or anxious people.

    When it comes to physical features I'm not too picky. The only characteristics I heavily prefer is that he's dark haired and fairly tall (5'7 and up). I prefer that he's a little on the lean side, because bulky men are just such a turn off for me. I love, love, love a man with tattoos and piercings are always welcome.

    As for his job, as long as it's something he loves and makes a reasonable amount of money doing then it's fine. I'm a musician so I don't mind if he has to travel a lot or works long hours. Oh, and it should also be legal. The last thing I need is police knocking at my door.

    • As for religion, I'd prefer that he's an atheist or agnostic because I am non religious. I think that religion has a huge impact on the way people choose to lead their lives and their morals, so it's heavily preferred that we're on the same page.

      As for children, I'm not having any so he obviously shouldn't want or have them. It's not up for negotiation.

      Obviously we should have similar interest at least on some level. My three biggest passions in life are animals, literature, and music so I'd hope that he'd at least like those three things if nothing else.

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  • Hm... that would be a lean, sort of athletic guy (runner's or swimmer's physique, preferably) with medium length hair (a little bit above the shoulders would be perfect), quietly confident, tolerant and curious... if he's into music and plays an instrument or has a nice singing voice, that would be a great bonus.

  • I already have my perfect significant other so I guess I'll describe him?
    Dirty blonde, Light green eyes, nice skin color, in shape, amazing father, beautiful smile, smart, loving, caring, amazing cook, just all around perfectโ˜

  • Race: Not picky, just not attracted to Indian men
    Religion: Preferably Christian or Agnostic, never atheist.
    Intelligence: Average-High
    Hair: Dark brown, brown, light brown, red-head, never blondes.
    Eyes: No preference
    Body: Slightly chubby, thin, muscular, average, never obese
    Personality : Funny, charming, activist, active, classy
    Eating style: No vegans

  • 1. Supportive
    2. Mature
    3. Caring
    4. Trustworthy
    5. honest
    6. Attracted to me and vice versa
    7. Healthy and or health conscious
    8. Financially Independent
    9. Has good and moral values.
    10. Open to children
    11. Can get along with each other's family
    12. A good friend to me

    As far as race is concerned, I wouldn't mind either my own race or someone I find with the above qualities (as long as those are met, I think we'll get along fine)

  • I go for religious guys. The rest ain't that important to me.


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  • Light skin Asian female, with center parted hair style, with an oval face. She has round almond eyes with a small nose and average mouth. She weights 110 or less with inverted triangular body shape with any cup size. She's skinny and have flat stomach with good skin care. Bumps all over the place, not super ashy, etc. she know how to treat a guy by knowing what it takes instead of letting me do all the work, not bitchy, she's caring, loving, smart, and allow her decisions be more important than her friends. She has to be at least 5,3 on down. I love short chicks not midgets.," lastly she must be adventurous and outgoing.

  • Has to be Jewish

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