Bridesmaids keep on bickering and won't let me choose things for my wedding?

I'm getting married in April, and my 5 best girl friends: Lorraine, Shaya, Hannah, Monica and Carina are my bridesmaids and my ultimate, closest friend who I've known since birth (we share a birthday) Sera is going to be the maid of honour.
Problem is, even though we've all been friends for more than 8 years, there is so much bickering and such. they can't agree to anything!
I'm wearing an extremely pale blue wedding dress and I want my friends to wear a brighter shade of blue and I've been trying to talk to them about finding different styles that would suit them because I don't want everyone wearing the same dress, but one would insult the other's taste, and complain about the colour etc. Getting us nowhere!
They're even asking why Sera is getting a better dress and jewellery and I told them that she's the maid of honour and they'll just grumble and continue insulting each other! It's like they're set out to never agree. Is it because I'm letting them choose their own dress style?
What should I do? I'm getting nowhere with this and it's exasperating.


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  • Tell all of them that you're the boss of your wedding and that they need to stop acting immature. You only get one special day! :)


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