Engaged but want to wait until I have enough money to get married, Should I start working to save up or wait after college and get a job?

My boyfriend is a high school graduate and I'm graduating next year. I was suppose to graduate this year but I ended up getting held back because of the wrong crowd of people. We've been together for 4 years now and he proposed to me last year but chose to not get engagement rings because diamonds are pretty much worthless to me and I don't want to go to school and my teachers getting into my business. I pretty much calculated everything from the planner to the honeymoon and it came out to $50,000. Should I get a job now and save up or should I wait after college to start paying for everything. I know it's four years away, but I just want to know because I'm clearly indecisive right now lol.


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  • Why not start having part time job so you can save up a and still finishing college? I know it would not be sufficient but then it's better than nothing and after college you would be able to earn more.

    However, have you talk about it with your fiancee? Considering the fact that he's serious with you, most probably he might already have plans for the financial stuffs like he could have been saving up already so it would not be really necessary for you to be worried about the money.

  • Me and my boyfriend are in a similar situation (although I don't consider us "engaged" since there's no ring, plus I have a personal rule to where I have to live with someone for at least a year before I will get engaged to them). You're probably going to have to get a part time job in college anyway so I recommend doing that (although not during your 1st semester. I worked full time & went to school my first semester and it was HARD).

    If you both work through college and aim to save half your paycheck each month ($400/month or so) then you should have around $15k saved by the time you graduate that way you won't have to wait another year or more after you graduate to save up and it's always good just to have an emergency fund anyway for various reasons (I got in a car accident my 2nd semester of school it costed $3200 to fix my car so you just never know what's going to happen)

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