What is the best age difference in marriage?

Hi. I was thinking about marriage and age of it and feels I want to marry someone who is 5-10 years younger than me like when I reach my 30 and ready for marriage it would be good if she be 20-25.
Also I'm from an Islamic country here girls and boys marry so young but I'm still single yet.


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  • Most marriages are only 1-5 years apart but I personally like a larger age gap my grandparents are 15 years apart and I and the man I love are 7 years apart he wants to get married at 30 and that will make me 23. 5-10 years is a good adage gap for marriage I believe.


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  • Well. Im 15 years apart from my SO, and it works out really well for us. And i assume he'll like it even more as time goes on, cause when all his friends are complaining that their ladies are old, ill still look pretty damn good.


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