What the hell does he mean?

so I am 32 and have been seeing this guy, but only twice so far but we both feel like we can talk about anything. we have already had sex because I'm not going to wait only to find out he is horrible in bed, but I guess he was pleased as was i. so today I got this email from him, so can the GOOD guys out there tell me what this means or what he is thinking at this point;

(his email below)

PS the first time I saw you and met, I felt something, don't know exactly what. something that I was unfamiliar with. an attraction, a feeling, I don't know. but I will tell you this, you knocked me out of my boots.

and if I was you husband I would show you the meaning of Passion, affection, attention, sex, love, friendship. I want you to be my best friend. I need you and want you on my side.

You have so much, that iv seen just in the short time that iv seen you. id never let you go. I would be the best father ever, best lover, best husband, friend that you could EVER ask for. You are THE one.


so does this mean he wants more then a girlfriend, lover, partner or?


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  • It sounds like it! No man would say that. I met a guy on line and He told me I knocked him out of his boots and he did the same for me. My advice take it slow because some men marry for you to be their door mat after. Find out more about him and if he does propose which sounds like he is, then I wish you all the best! and I wish you lots of happiness with him. Hope he is the man you've been looking for. Sounds like it is. True love only comes once I think. Do you feel the same way as him? that's the next question to ask yourself!

    Godd luck hun!


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  • It sounds like he really wants to marry you!

    But I wouldn't rush into it. If he loves you that much he should understand if you want to wait and get to know him a little better.

  • Um...sounds like a lame marriage proposal. He can't ask you in person?

  • It's just lust, you saw each other twice and your still in the honeymoon phase. If a guy I've only seen twice said this to me I'd be freaked out. Be weary!

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