I forgave my fiance for texting another girl. how do I trust him again? I want to smash his phone to pieces and it's been 2 & a half months since?

I also still wonder if he's still texting girls. He never physically did anything & before we were together we both had issues with texting each other while in other relationships. we're perfect besides this stupid issue. I'm not being jealous I just don't want to look like a fool.


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  • What did he text her? There is key information left out. If he was flirting with her, that is a bad sign. It means not all of him is devoted to you, and thus he is outsourcing his desires to other women. It does not bode well for you long term after marriage if that is the case, unless he gets a handle on his desires and boosts his maturity.

    • He was flirting with her. But he was lying to her about stupid shit. telling her he brought her a house. (he lives with me.) & stupid things like that. He only talked to her for a day & blocked her before I even found out. She got his phone number from someone else & I saw his phone go off while he was asleep. When I confronted him he cried, he stayed home from work to be with me, deleted his Facebook, & told me he only did it to make sure he was ready to only be with one girl. & he said it proved to him that he only wanted me that's why she was already blocked.

    • Man, you are blessed. It sounds like he is genuine. Here is a tip for staying with him: do NOT hurt him over it. Do not manipulate, give him the cold shoulder make him feel bad about it at all.

      He repented.

      If you make him feel guilty over it he is going to remember that. The next time he has an opportunity to converse with another woman, he will not remember his loving, caring, forgiving girl, he will remember a col, d pissed bitter woman, and it will drive him to consider getting with someone else.

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  • thetundrawolf wolf is good , I normally respect his opinion. But I've seen this before from men who have been with their woman for years , And from married couples. Everybody makes mistakes , It seems like by what you're stating that he cares for you or his situation that's set up with you. But it sounds like he got caught , That's why he's kissing up now. Trust your gut instinct on this , You also said he texted before when you were both in relationships. That means he has a pattern , He told her he bought her a house. Anything pertaining to a house , Is related to family. Men normally don't talk this way if he has only talked to her once , thetundrawolf wants you to treat him well so he remembers you in a good way. I think he should treat you well , Because he's the deceiver. Not sayng you can't forgive him , But keep this in mind. Plenty of women have treated their boyfriends and husbands like kings , And forgave and looked the other way. And they still repeated , You can forgive him. But let him know you want tolerate his behavior. By the way the crying , Was just an act because he got caught.