Why are Asian parents so obsessed with arranged marriages :( ?

By Asian I mean Indian / Pakistani.
My parents are always telling me they're saving up money for my marriage and I hate it.
I mean I'm starting uni soon and I want to concentrate on that and eventually getting a job.
If the right person comes along then great, but I don't want to get an arranged marriage.
How do I tell them I'm old enough to make my own decisions?


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  • Because tradition and culture, that is why.

    You tell them by starting with telling them that you're the luckiest gal in the world because you have the most amazing parents. You know that they want only the best, and the best of the best for you. You are humbled by their dedication to your well being and your future.

    AND since they are so great people you know they will understand when you say that you can not tolerate an arranged marriage, or attempt of setting up such a one.

    Then leave them a bone and say that you can of course not stop them from introducing eligible candidates - one of them may be quite the guy - who knows. But you will NOT accept any attempt at arranging anything behind your back.


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  • its mainly because indo paki parents were bred to believe that women are weak and thus they need a man who can support them and the only way to do that is by marrying her. A man who weds there daughter is basically doing them a favor and so they need to pay him to take her in and treat her with respect

    If u r a muslima then you can use islam to get out of this situation show them the hadiths that say a woman can decide when she wants to get married and that islam is pro education specially for women, u can also convince them by quoting examples of Hazrat Khadija (r. a) who was a well known business woman

  • Are you going some distance away from home for university? That might help.


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