Dont want to regret getting married?

I have been engaged for over a year now and am in no rush to get married but sometimes I have these feelings like I want to suddenly book the registrary office and get married. Then I think oh, I dont want to get married and then suddenly regret it because I've only slept with the one guy. We've been together for 2 years and we have a 4 month old baby together and the majority of the time I'm happy, I just feel I've missed out on the experiences you should have before getting married. Anyone got married having only slept with one man and not regretted it?


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  • lol sounds like you're going to eventually cheat down the road. I'd save the poor guy the drama


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  • Oh brother... why did you have a baby as part of the mix if you still wanted to 'experience' what's out there? It simply gets more messy if you bring more people into your case. Stick with the man who loves you... and keep your life simple. When affairs, casual relationships and then added baggage and pain comes in, you do your child a disservice. You say, the things 'you should have done' and 'wished you had done' -
    I slept with 2 guys for the first time and only before I met my husband. I felt my heart was hurt big time... first guy was a guy with many problems and seeking an ideal while equally having problems dating a girl who earned double his salary. The second guy, I couldn't trust. I didn't need that baggage before marriage but they were presented to me. Each wanted a serious 'situation' but weren't ready. That's what you'll get 'out there' - people who aren't ready and aren't looking for serious agreements. I've had several propositions to be with guys while in university and college but my faith kept them at bay. Ohhh I was tempted but it didn't go that far. Reality is this: It's not easy to find someone who will love you for you and want to spend their life with you. When you are blessed with such a meeting, cherish it... don't think of what you should have had... that's your mind playing tricks.