Would this be weird?

Would it be weird to have an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen in a wedding?

My fiancee has 4 guys he wants to have stand up with him at the wedding and I only have 2 girls I want to stand up with me.

Would it be weird to have an uneven number? Should I look for two more to stand with me? Should he tell two that they aren't in the wedding party?

We haven't officially asked anyone to be in our party yet, but I know he did casually bring it up to these four guys that he wanted them to stand with him.

Would it be super awkward to be uneven up there?

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  • How many guests are going to be at your wedding? I feel like that makes the biggest difference. I think if you have less than 120 guests you should cut 2 groomsmen, but if you have more guests you should get 2 more bridesmaids.

    But like everyone said it's your wedding at the end of the day do what you want. I'm only having 2 bridesmaids and the best man at my wedding.


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  • It's your wedding , do what you want. I don't find it weird.

  • No, just have two guys and one girl at a time walk down together :)

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