Problem: I can't dance. And now my crush has asked me to be his date to his cousin's wedding... It's Saturday. Help?

I know this sounds stupid, but are there videos or something I could watch? My cousin's going to help me find something church-appropriate but I'm freaking out. I mean, we've only really ever drunkenly hungout, and we text a lot but still! So. Much. Family. Any tips on dancing and how to dress/behave/etc are DEFINITELY welcome!


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  • Tell him you can't dance!! Bonus: get all shy, tell him you have a secret. You can't dance! Sweet, intimate, bonding.

    Maybe he says he's relieved and he didn't want to dance anyway. Or maybe you've just given him a need he can meet for you. Men dig that. Now he's helping you learn to dance. Two whole evenings of you two dancing alone, looking like fools for each other. Two different outfits you can try to see what he likes. More bonding. Then you get to try dancing at the wedding and he feels like a hero, even if you're still bad at it.

    You give him all that, you deserve a kiss.


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  • If you can't dance stick to the 2 step
    it's the most basic dance there is and it's fool proof as long as you don't try to add too much extra into it. for this video I suggest only sticking to one "style" for the majority of the time unless you're dancing to hip hop.

    If they aren't playing actual hip hop music I suggest keeping it more controlled and using less exaggerated arm movements (maybe even dance "ballroom" style and put your hands on his shoulders). The basic 2-step dance goes to ANY song you just have to learn how to make it work for different music. It's great for winging it if you have absolutely no clue what you're doing, but remember that less is more. Don't try to add in too much with arms and stuff or you'll just end up looking awkward.

    Just keep a basic to the right, center, to the left center repeat like step and nobody will know you can't dance

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