Role of the husband by my definition is?

In my opinion role of the husband is that he should support and respect his wife through her ups and downs, try to be the provider of the house and not a sitting duck, try to make her feel safe and protected, help her in building a connection with is in-laws and the connection of her with her in-laws, compromising in conflicting situations and decision maker yet respecting his wife's suggestion.

Am I missing something or adding more than it should be or is it just right?

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  • Each couple is different. They should set out the rules for themselves for who provides what and does what. I agree with @been_waiting

    • You both are right, but there are set of rules which are common for everyone. Although they get modified depending on each couple but the basic stays the same

  • who provides more should be decided by the couple.
    I mean if the man is a construction manager, and the wife is a cardiologist, what do you expect him to do? Work 3 more additional jobs just so he appears manly? I don't think a guy should have to be the main provider just because he has a dick. Not everyone's aspirations amount to the same, in a financial sense, and that's okay, as long both people have agreed upon it. For instance, neither should sit at home and do nothing if they can't comfortably do that without struggling with finances. But a man can't change his career just because he met a woman who makes more than he does. Let's not be silly.

    Other than that, yeah I think you got it down pretty good. But again it's really up to the 2 individuals. What each person wants varies but what is comes down to is this: a spouse should support you and love you through everything.

    • You are right about that, although, guy being in construction is still someone who is working hard, if the guy is sitting home or do so little as compare to his potential is the guy who is not providing. Also, being provider is not just about money it means he has to be on the front so the wife could feel secure, it is not like job security or whatever, it is more like an inner feeling of being secure. what say you?

    • Yeah, a husband should make his wife feel safe. I agree.

  • Sounds amazing

  • I guess if your going for the stereotype but you forgot one important one...



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  • I disagree with the gender binary in relationships and don't think any particular role needs to be laid out. That said, I sorta figured that this would be a role that a lot of woman would kinda like and I was proven correct with the majority voting yes that they agree with this.

    • It is not gender binary, it is just that husband and wife bring something to the table, if they both are same then there is not point of being married because man on his own is complete and woman on her own is complete so why get married. Marriage/Relationships are there because we as humans need partners to make us a whole

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    • "Although, on the other hand, if you are putting roles out then you are creating higher expectations into the mind of your spouse" I think that your spouse deserves the best you and should expect you to be the best you that you can be. That you should strive to make each other as happy as possible. These are really high expectations and high expectations are good in a relationship. The problem is is when the woman expects the man to be a naturally great fighter and protector when they have never taken a fight class in their life and they have no desire to do this. The problem is is when the man expects the woman to quit her job and cook all the meals and clean the home while she has a hectic, demanding career life and loves her job and doesn't want to become a stay at home wife or mother. These are unrealistic and unfair roles which should not be forced on anyone to fulfill in my opinion

    • I'm really kinda disappointed with the fact that there wasn't a stronger feminist opposition in this question.

  • or you know not get married and be happy like this guy

    and this guy (i know he's just a character)

    • Lol, it seems awesome but it is not awesome because marriage is not just about banging something beautiful it is having something beautiful
      by the way I like the character of Barney Stinsen, he was the hillarioust one

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    • Hugh Hephner seems to have done pretty well as a life-long bachelor.

  • You pretty much got it done the husband is a protector, provider and loving husband and father.