How to convince my fiancé to let her be my best man?

I just want this one thing because it'll mean everything to me since I have no say in most of the wedding planning. I want my best friend who is a girl but she is strictly like a sister and I've known her for about 7-8 years. I trust her with my life. We have never slept together and I did have a crush on her but that was when we were in high school. But after that we were platonic. We go on crazy adventures together and we're there for advice on each other. She's taken care of me when I'm sick before my girlfriend and when my girlfriend is too busy and I've taken care of her. My girlfriend said she loves her but she just doesn't know how she feels about having her as a best man. I mean I'm sure there friends they always hang out together and we go on double dates all the time. My best friend is engaged already to this guy she knew for 8 years now. I love my best friend as family and I don't have any other brothers or sisters so this would mean a lot. I just don't know how to get my girlfriend to see my point of view.


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  • Pick a man. Planning a wedding is already stressful so don't make things harder for your fiancé than necessary. If you absolutely need to have her in the wedding, maybe convince your girl to take her as a bridesmaid? Either way, don't push it.


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  • From personal experience, I would go with a guy for your best man.

    I got married 2 weeks ago, and I chose a best woman, rather than a best man.
    I had a choice between 2 girls. But the one I chose - my fiancée thought was a little cray cray... so she made me choose the other girl.

    What do you know. During the wedding reception dinner, the girl my fiancée preferred had an emotional meltdown and started crying at the head table. We gave her my keycard to the honeymoon suite to calm herself down, and she ended up smashing the TV remote against the wall and made a hole the size of my fist into the wall of the hotel. Then my new wife saw the hole in the wall and spent the next 2 days crying haha.

    Seriously, just pick a guy. At least men can keep their shit together when it counts.

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