My fiance keeps... is he trying to tell me something?

We talk about having children sometime after were married. (getting married in 4 months.) We are financially stable.
Lately I've noticed that he keeps putting his hands on my stomach and rubbing it. When were just sitting down and watching tv, he likes to rub my stomach and massage it. He lays on it sometimes and sleeps when he's tired. When were doing something he's holding me close and his hands are on my stomach. Im only 105 pounds... Skinny. People are starting to ask me if im pregnant. He tells me "I hope our kids look like you" and " Your going to be an amazing mother" and " I wouldn't want any other woman to be the mother of my kids"

It makes me feel really special and protected, and I love it, and we talk about children a lot. I feel like were both ready to have children. And we both agreed on having kids after we get married...
Im just wondering is it strange that he does that?
Or is he trying to tell me that he wants kids sooner?
Or am I over thinking this too much?


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  • He might be getting baby fever... but as long as you're both on the same page, it shouldn't be an issue.


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