She wants to be abstinent until marriage but....

She has two kids already! I'm single with no kids and I never date a girl with kids. I have made an exception this time because she's different(really cool) and we get along really good for hardly knowing each other.

I definitely respect her decision but...any way around this, or is she playing me? I say that because she still wears the engagement ring from her x fiance on her ring finger. What's up with that?...

Now I'm asking myself: "why should I even bother?"


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  • she still wears the engagement ring from her x fiance on her ring finger

    Not a good sign. Thar means he's still there in her mind.


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  • Ask her why she still wears it. There might be a reason worth knowing.

    I don't think she's playing you. If I had 2 kids already, I'd probably start waiting for a stable situation as well before having sex again.

  • Well are you intending to marry her?

    If you were, I'd understand, just because it's kinda a tradition...

    But if not, I dunno... it's kinda odd..

    But it's great that you respect her decision, for whatever her reasons are!


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