Why do people expect me to accept gay marriage; when I feel it is wrong?

I am not going to pretend I support something which I don't. My conscience tells me that it is immoral. Marriage has been between a man and a woman for thousands of years. It is the natural order of society and I should not be expect to acquiesce to something I believe is wrong.



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  • Because with them you are either for them or you're a bigot. And it's them who preach tolerance.


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  • What you have is an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Also although there are a lot of people for gay marriage they are very aware that there are many people who are not for gay marriage. People are still protesting, marching infront of gay parades and court houses.

    I kind of feel like you are making it bigger than it is when you say "people expect me to accept gay marriage" as if the majority of people are for gay marriage and are trying to force you to change your beliefs.

    Im confident that many people accept that everyone doesn't accept them and also Im confident that you know that people are gonna do whatever it is they want to do, whether it be protesting, or marrying a gay person. So I know that you are aware that you are not the only person who is against gay marriage.
    Which is why I dont get the point of your question. Are you looking for people to join in with you and say "we dont like gay marriage either" "fuck the gays" "they are going to hell"?

    i mean no one is really expecting you to do anything

  • You don't have to accept it but they just want to be married like straight people. There's no big deal with that. Its just a wedding & piece of paper.

  • It is a free world. Some people think it is wrong, others that it isn't. If you don't like it, it is your opinion and if people are mature, they should understand it ;)

  • I don't think they care all that much about what you think.. they just want their government to allow it.

  • Because
    1) It has absolutely nothing to do with you whatsoever. You have no right to tell other people what they can and can't do because YOU think it's wrong. I think it's morally wrong for McDonald's to sell burgers. Does that mean I should be allowed to shut down all McDonald's because it goes against my morals? No. Get over yourself. The world doesn't revolve around you.
    2) Your reasoning makes no sense whatsoever. "Marriage has been between a man and a woman for thousands of years. It is the natural order of society" do you know how marriage started out? A man paid the girl's father for the girl. The girl's father was basically a pimp and basically hoed out his daughter for a couple of goats.
    Marriage remained like this until as recently as the late 19th century... so the current state of marriage being the "natural order of society" is questionable at best.

    If we're going to go by the "natural order of society" then marriage doesn't have anything to do with love or romance at all. It's about selling your daughter.

    Change isn't always the worst thing in the world you know.

    • excuse me.. but I'm sure that I'm worth more than a couple of goats :o

    • ok maybe 3 camels then like male Anon #1 said haha XD

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  • No one is asking you to personally accept it. What they are asking for is for the government to grant them the same rights as they do to heterosexual couples.

    No one really is that worried about what you personally accept.

  • That's like saying something that has been done for a thousand years is wrong. Colored and non-colored people inter-mingling. People of different religions coming together. Etc. Its alright though cause people like you are slowly phasing out of existence.

    • There have been various civilizations in that time where there was religious tolerance, so FAIL on you

    • There have been many definitions of marriage in various civilizations in various times.

    • In "that" time? How pathetic... I can tell how uneducated and squandering you are so it's alright, like I said, your existence and opinion is benign and quickly fleeting.

  • Things change and no one's asking for you to accept it but the government to give them rights

  • "Marriage has been between a man and a woman for thousands of years."

    For thousands of years, separation of the races was the norm. As was the fact that I could buy your mother or daughter for about 3 camels.


    And it's the bigots who refuse to change with the times.

    People expect you not to be a bigot. That's it in a nutshell.