Is this wrong?

this girl I know is engaged and about to get married she always tells me how happy she is and that she loves him but when I see her we do sexual stuff I mean I did everything with her is this wrong? should the guy know before he marries her? why is she being such a slut? and coming on to me


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  • As I don't know this girl's personality, I think it is one of two things. She is doing this to clarify to herself what she really wants before making a big decision, that's if she thought about it before doing it. If she didn't really think about it in this way, I think that's just her personality and her own social morals, wanting to meet her sexual needs from you and not considering the value of her other deeper relationship. People can cheat whether engaged to be married, married or just in a usual relationship, it's all about who they are as a person and what drives their wants selfishly.

    I personally believe the other guy she is engaged to has a right to know what she has been doing with you, since she has made an agreement to him through initiating a relationship to be honest and at least faithful pre-marriage in the engaged stage. Being engaged and involving commitment is very serious, if she wants her needs to be met this way she should be single and by all means not deserve cheating the stability of a strong relationship.

    Asking if this is wrong: I believe this to be wrong, other people like herself may not, but I see this as pure disrespect for her partner and I'm sure most people who value the commitment of relationships would agree with that also.

    Why is she being such a slut? Because she is human, we are selfish in different ways and this girl is being selfishly unfair sexually and indeed morally against her partner. I suggest you reconsider fulfilling your sexual needs from her and ending this before or incase the other guy finds out, which would be an even worse scenario.

    • Adding to the above: I don't suggest you tell him yourself either, I just think he has a right to know at some point morally but if I were you I'd just cut her off before this gets too much and people get hurt including yourself.

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  • Personally, I think it's wrong. I mean, your not the one that is cheating on anyone, but your knowingly helping her cheat. If you knew nothing about her fiance, it'd be one thing. But you definitely know about him, so it makes you look bad. I honestly don't think it makes her that much of a slut if you give in to her.

    As for the guy knowing, I don't really believe it's your place to tell him. And it's a risk to you. Walking up to a almost married man and telling him you've been having sexual relations with his almost wife? Yeah, not too smart. I'd say cut contact with her in all ways and let her do what she feels she needs to do with her fiance.

    • I agree with A-Soldier-Wife07, just walk away. The sooner you end it the better.

  • What's happening is she is so scared to get married that somehow by sleeping with you she thinks it will prove or disprove if she should get married. The girl may have feelings for you and wants to make sure there is nothing between you two before she decides to make in her mind a life's decision but what she needs to realize is that what she is doing is wrong and she needs to break it off as if she really loved him she would not be wondering into someone else's arms. She may even be settling for the guy just because he may be a good guy to her although she really is not "in love" with him. Either way it is wrong and you need to tell her that she is the one that must tell him before she gets married to him otherwise the marriage will have already started out one big lie.

  • are you a moron? of course its wrong lol


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  • "why is she being such a slut? and coming on to me"

    1. Because she doesn't know, with clarity, what kind of guy she want, and is using you to help figure that out.

    2. Because she doesn't know what personal intergrity is. Married or not, she has betrayed the trust her boyfriend's trust. You don't only become faithful when you get married, when being unfaithful has legal consequences.

    A question for yourself would be, "Why am I conspiring with/used by a betrayer of trust to make this dishonest act of her possible?"

  • This isn't about the other guys peace of mind, this is about yours.

    Stop being a selfish dick, drop the entire scenario and stop f***ing some other guys girlfriend. She and you are both ultimately at fault. If he approaches you and asks you about this, then tell him. Otherwise it's about your guilt and ego.

  • More to the point why do you allow yourself to be the bastard in this situation.

    Keep away from her, warn the guy and leave it in their hands now.

    She is disgusting and goes against everything marriage is supposed to be.

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    You aren't ever coy about the fact that you are more than half of the problem.

    Get a life.

    Grow up.

    If her fiance finds out, I hope that hey slits your throat prick.


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