MARRIED INDIVIDUALS: are tou happy with your current sex life?

I've seen way too many married men and a few married women complaining about how little (if any) sex they get, how boring their partner is in bed, etc.

I'm curious, for those of you not getting what you need at home, have you or do you currently get it elsewhere? if not, do you want to? and how was it before marriage?

  • I have a great sex life at home with my spouse. I have never, nor would I ever cheat.
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  • I have a great sex life at home. but I still have or currently get some on the side.
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  • it's ok, but could be better. elaborate below, and include fidelity.
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  • I hate my sex life with marriage patner. I have sex with others.
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  • Sex? what's that?
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I know not many people actually answered but only 1 married person being happy with their sex life makes me a little sad.


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  • Sex is fair, I'm 60 so is wife. For example. I'd like to eat her minimum 4 or 5 times a week, she is up to it 'maybe' twice a month. (Actually I could go for it twice a day sometimes.) Sex usually happens on weekends, maybe once. People are too busy working and burnt out a lot of the time. No cheating now. When younger I messed up a little, but nothing long term, Just a couple of flings.

    Penis starts on the downhill trend when old, as it has had a lifetime of sex and abuse from jacking off to p*rn. Sex tools become a useful addition to older people. My wife does not need them, but I like to use them on her is penis is a soft served penis that day. My wife cam cum in 2 or 3 min of licking. She has a birth canal almost like a virgin. I'd love to devour her a lot more than I do. But she is limited on the amount of sensual pleasure she will accept. When she was a young girl I would bring her to an orgasm orally almost daily. When the girl ages she loses interest in sex and prefers cuddling.

    • This is depressing as hell to read, yet a much needed sobering reality. Maybe I'll get picked up by a hawk when I'm 45 in a National Park.

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  • I'm not married but this article may be of interest to you:

  • As others have said, once the wife decides that sex is unimportant, then there isn't anymore sex. My wife is currently chemically frigid. She has one of those IUDs, murano or something like that and the chemicals in it render her frigid. She just doesn't care about sex, doesn't want it, doesn't need it. It doesn't matter a bit what I want or need. I am currently living in another state for work. Have been for over 3 months now. Been wondering if I should just make it permanent. Let her find someone else to pay her bills and move on with my life. I didn't get married to live a celibate life. Sex isn't everything in a marriage but without it, what is the point?

    • I agree completely. I have no intention of being in a sexless marriage. if myself or (hopeful) future husband starts having an issue, help would have to be seeked.

  • I'm pretty sure this is what is in store sexually for most men who get married.

  • Been married for 21 years and the sex is unsatisfactory. I voted D because I hate my sex life but I haven't cheated yet. I don't want to make myself equally guilty by being unfaithful.

    I've been a good husband, a good father to our children and a good provider for our family, but she lost interest in trying to keep our sex life interesting years ago and as much as I try I cannot do it alone. It takes two.

    • not to sound like a total perv, but they make special vibrators for guys now. since you said "yet" they may be a way to keep it that way.

      she may have a hormone issue, sometimes they don't go back to normal after giving birth. may be worth checking out. also, certain foods make people horny. you could do some shopping (:

    • A "vibrator for guys" is no substitute for sex with a woman, preferably my wife. I know how to masturbate. It's mostly all I do.

      The problem with my wife, as with most, I'm convinced, is she feels no obligation to make things better. She has no interest in seeing a doctor or otherwise addressing the problem. She was fine for a while after having kids, so I don't believe that's the issue. The problem is her attitude, period. It's not important to her, so it's not important.

      Sex for married men sucks.

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  • I voted C, im a military wife. Sex can be tricky for us. He was just deployed, just returned home... and most people think that would be great sex. . but the truth is.. when your husband is gone for months at a time (this time 8) you have to spend time going on dates and getting re adjusted to each other before hopping right back in bed.. also while he's gone.. both of you change so much. . Like me.. I became seriously resentful.. I didn't mean to.. but he left me in a bad position of having to move by myself because he was gone.. and even though it wasn't his fault.. sometimes you can't help how you feel.. and him.. he got home and was worried about how much he thought I didn't need him and reasserted himself into the house I moved all by myself and tried to be needed by moving everything around.. in the military they call this the reintergration period.. I call it making me crazy. . So our sex life isn't perfect right now.. but we have a strong relationship. . Been together since teens for 9 years.. never slept with anyone else and im positive he hasn't. . And every relationship goes through ups and downs, our sex life will improve

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