What makes a woman a good wife?

This question is more for people who are married or I would like married men's oppinion on what makes a wife a great wife and their expectations. Add anything that you think is important to know about marrage. What would you expect out of a woman after you guy get married? * in all aspects* so list sexual expectations, chores you think they should be responsible for, do you expect them to contribute financially and share their money with you or do you guys keep your earnings separate? The best answer will be chosen based upon how detailed your answer is... there are no wrong answers.


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  • sex is not important at all
    the most important factoe is the way she deal with her husband
    for mw she has to be easygoing, calm and calm then calm not to be nervous
    no need to share financially since she is not more demanding
    husband has to assure she us taking the major part of raising kids especially at the early age
    nothing more


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  • I mean, wouldn't you almost have to have like 100 wives to compare?

    • Speak from personal experience, personal expectations, or if you are not married, what you would like to see in your future wife? You don't need 100 wives to answer this lol.

    • Seems unlikely to happen at the present time LMAO!

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