If a guy is about to get married to a religious girl?

And when he is engaged he told his friend (who he has known for years and longer than his wife ) that thinking of her turns him on.

Whats your opinion on this and why did he do this?

  • That's disgusting, who would even be friends with a guy like that
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  • That's fine, he's just being a guy.
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I meant he told the friend that she's turning him on. Not the wife.


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  • It's a bit odd. But its probably just something stupid that came into his head. I would, as ever, recomend talking everything through. It is possible he's just freaking over the wedding or something.


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  • If he is marrying her and she doesn't turn him on I think that that would be more of an issue than this. He is just being a normal guy and talking with his bud about how psyched he is to be marrying this hot woman.

    • No I mean he told his friend that SHE turns him on. Not the wife..

    • That really changes the situation, and makes it sound more like he's getting pre-wedding jitters and is becoming worried that he is making a mistake. He is looking at all the possibilities because this is his last chance to back out. It's still pretty normal, its somewhat unsettling that he told her, but he may just be freaking out because he is about to make a lifelong commitment and that is terrifying.

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