I can't think of a best man for my wedding?

My fiancee and I are getting married in may of 2015. She already knows who her bridesmaid is gonna be and everything. I'd really like my best friend of 4 years to be my best man, but he's grown very distant over the last year and he's unreliable. I'd hate to pick him to be there and then we get stood up. I really don't have many "friends", well, close enough that i'd like to have as the best man. What should I do? Can my dad be my BM!


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  • You can use your dog or cat as one. Buy a little bow tie and there you go.


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  • Of course your dad can be best man, but it would be ashame to miss this opportunity with your friend.

    The fact he may be distant could be because of your own life progressig through that he might be thinking he need to give you space so that you can enjoy you life with your fiancée and he doesn't want to interrupt or be the third wheel so to speak.

    Asking him to be your best man could bring you and your friend back closer together and strengthen your bond that you once had as it's such an honour to be asked.

    If you are really worried about him letting you down then ask both him and your dad you can have two best men :-)