Anybody here married/engaged? tips?

just need like general tips

what difficulties did you face
how do you work things out
what helped you hold on during hard times
important things to know before getting married
were you nervous/scared?
most important thing to remember?
ever feel insecure?

and no im not getting married today or anything lol just asking and dont give me the lame line "best marriage advice? dont do it" just shush and run to your momma im asking the already married/engaged dudes and dudettes


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  • Just the few things that cross my mind... The little things that tick you off about a guy when you are dating (like he leaves his boxers on the floor instead of picking them up) will REALLY bug the fuck out of you when you're married. Learn to accept that people are different.

    Never, EVER let it get stale or routine.

    NEVER underestimate how important sex is to the relationship.

    Agree what you'll do with money before you get married. Work out a budget.

    Take premarital counseling.

    • cool! thanks

      i hear a lot about marriages getting dull
      how do you avoid that?

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    • sure !

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  • I have just been engaged with my fiancĂ© for 5 months now and I came across a massive speed bump. I am in the military and she is a nurse so the hours we have been working we hardly see each other. When we do see each other it's normally to pass some thing on, like a bill has come in or some plans have been made. Even though you are together it can feel like your not. I would say make a day at least once a fortnight to spend time together. Do some thing productive


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  • i'm engaged since almost a year now. living together is a veery massive importent part before getting married because otherwise you don't if you guys actually work out. also, always see yourself married with that person. which means, whenever it gets stressful or you're sick of your partner, think of it as an forever thing. this makes it easier to work things out.

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