How do you prepare yourself for marriage?

How do you prepare yourself for marriage? Physically, mentally, emotionally. Any advice is welcome :D

I'm so glad I joined G@G! Thanks for the prompt responses. Each and every one of them is genuine and helpful. Feels good :)


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  • I dont' know if you're the same anon who asked the same question, but here's my same advice.

    Just the few things that cross my mind... The little things that tick you off about a guy when you are dating (like he leaves his boxers on the floor instead of picking them up) will REALLY bug the fuck out of you when you're married. Learn to accept that people are different.

    Never, EVER let it get stale or routine.

    NEVER underestimate how important sex is to the relationship.

    Try not to go to bed angry.

    Agree what you'll do with money before you get married. Work out a budget.

    Take premarital counseling.

    • Thanks so much :) But no, I've never asked this question before. I will keep in mind ALL the points you mentioned - habits, routine, sex, anger, money. I think even if don't get anymore advice, this should be

    • ... more than enough :D

    • Most helpful answer!

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  • I'm sorry, this probably isn't what you want to hear, but it is my opinion on the matter…Here and now, in the 21st century, the institution of marriage is complete shit, and I do not agree with it. I used to, but after seeing literally all but one of my friends get married then divorced within 5 years, including myself, I no longer believe in marriage. Marriage used to be something sacred, a promise before god (which ever one you believe in) that you would be with that person till the day that either you or them die. Not anymore though, its a promise between each other that you'll be together as long as you can stand each other. So my advise is this…don't get married. Don't complicate things with paperwork and legal things, just be together, and be happy. Once you've lived together for a couple years, you file taxes jointly because you are a "civil union" and if you ever want to break up, it doesn't cost either one of you dime. Marriage just isn't what it used to be.

    • I can't deny the truth in your words, but it really sounds bad :(( I'm even thinking of a child soon, hope things don't take a turn for the worse.. I shudder to think ^_^

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    • I blame technology, but thats just me. Trust issues have gone up dramatically, I know my family wanted me try to work it out with my ex, I didn't want to split from the start, she just called me and told me it was over. Neither one of us cheated, she just didn't want to work on things anymore, looking back, and all my friends say so as well, that she was/is a selfish little bitch, but that didn't matter…she was my wife and I was going to fight to the death to make our marriage work, but she gave up and didn't want to deal with me anymore, so i let her go. Temptation has gone through the roof as well…people just can't keep their eyes for their partners anymore. Its the world we live in, if you're engaged, just stay that way, don't have a wedding, have a "commitment ceremony," no legal documents to make life hard, just your un-dying love for one another.

    • Thanks for sharing ur story with me. Hope love wins in the end :)

  • Start two years in advance. First travel together, then live together. If you still like each other after 2 years marriage is a possibility.

  • in my opinion i would just sit down and make sure that you think and feel this is what you really want

    • Well, I have crossed that stage frankly. I just want to make it work, and not goof up :/

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    • Actually, even my fiance thinks that way and says the word "future" doesn't exist in his dictionary. Is it the same for most guys?

    • Well, I mean "fiance-to-be"... I just assume too much these days ^_^

  • Are you really gonna leave us by getting married or you just want some funny answers?

    • Noooo, I'm not trolling. Believe me!!

    • Well i have no idea what a woman feels like before marriage. But for guys traditionally speaking they are made to eat lots of strength generating foods especially dry fruits. Also they are advised on areas such as their responsibilities towards their partners physical and emotional needs.
      and most importantly they are made to believe that she is the woman of her dreams even though if she looks like Donatella Versace lmao..

    • lol. I think she's done something to her eyes, they look scary.

      Thanks for the info :)... I wish I knew what I should eat too..

  • Physically. Be attractive to your mate, YOUR mate, not other men/women. Mentally: Go in knowing it will succeed. If you go in thinking it won't, you've already doomed yourself from the start. Emotionally: Be ready to be married, as in, have your shit together, essentially.

    • Great advice! Thanks :)

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  • I don't think u can, it's something that happens and u evovle into being married. Being less selfish would help though I guess

    • So, u r saying status quo should be fine? But I want to make him feel extra special :D

    • Just take one day at a time. Give and take

    • Thanks :D

  • Idea of marriage scares the hell out of me

    • I'm pretty sure with the anxiety I'm going through, I'll goof up real bad :((

    • I understand are you in a relationship?

    • Yeah, the way he keeps asking about my family members in almost every conversation we have, I can't but help think he'll propose to me soon. Fingers crossed ;)

  • @yaddayaddayadda02
    any tips for the lady?