Did she mean it when she said it?

known this girl my entire life, we grew up going to the same church. lately we been playing games. we've hung out a ton of times...every time I see her, she's blushing when she talks to me, she's all dressed up, tons of perfume etc..she laughs at all my jokes (really loud)...she talks about us getting married/having kids...one time she put her hair tie on her ring finger, looked at me and smiled...she hardly holds eye contact with me, she is usually looking somewhere else when she talks to me which I don't get...i went over her house and we rented a romantic movie together, cuddled, held hands etc...her Facebook status said "if only you knew" and she posted some spanish song talking about love/being in love...shes been posting a lot of those songs recently...when I saw her today she looks at me totally different, I really think I see love in her eyes, but idk...she gave me a hug, held me and said (while she was still hugging me) "love you" and I said I love you too (she knows I'm in love with her already I think)...

shes not moving forward with me because she feels weird because she has known me my entire life, and she was engaged to my cousin 9 years ago (he lives in TX now and is married)...my sis talked to her bro and that's what her bro said (this was 3 weeks ago)


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  • I honestly believe that she does love you most girls don't dress up unless they want to impress someone and her blushing whenever your around definately means she is feeling something maybe she is just worried about you hurting her likke your cousin did (im guessing it was him who broke it off) anyway all the signs are there so just give it time and who knows where it could go

    Good Luck with everything :) :P :D XD

  • She does mean it man. Good luck. =]


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