How do I tell my dad?

I just ran away with my boyfriend last weekend and we got married I'm only 18. We are on our way back to Atlanta now and im terrified about seeing my dad. He's going to kill me. My boyfriend now husband told me not to go back home and just go back to Savannah with him. What should I do? Help me?


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  • I'm 17 and single, so I wouldn't know exactly what to do as i've never been in your situation, or anywhere close to it. But, in my opinion... Go home, keep your marriage secret for now - it might seem wrong to, you might not want to feel or seem ashamed of it, and im sure you are not. But youve just ran away. Your parents will be mad at that, almost no doubt about it. So let the storm subside before dropping the fact that you're married onto them. Go home, see your family. Take whatever punishment you get for running away and try to be understanding.

    If you run away more and stay with him, you're pushing yourself further away from your family. There isn't any need of this (judging by the context given). If you live with your husband, there's the possibility that yours and your parents relationship might take a turn for the worst.

    So my advice, go back to your parents, do not tell your parents about your marriage. This will upset them even more, I mean, even when theyre not mad, they would have still wanted to see you get married - there isn't a more honorable moment in a mans life, then giving his daughter away... So just while theyre mad at you for running away, keep that hidden. Then, in a few months, ( i mean, give them time, you have just ran away, it would be a scary time for them) tell them as a couple. Make them know you're as serious as two young adults can be, they might think you're not ready - but theyre parents, in their eyes, you're never ready.
    Then when things are all settled, you can see about moving in with your husband.
    Who knows, by then you might even be getting your own home together (if he isn't living on his own already) and youd more likely have your parents support, so you could get financial support later on.
    DONT DROP TWO BOMBS AT ONCE, I mean America left it 3 days before the second bombing (ww2 joke)
    Be gentle with your parents. Despite what they might say, they do care for you. Good luck with your choice, whatever it is!!!


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  • You're going to have to tell him sometime. Sooner's going to hurt less than later.

  • Better tell your parents soon, they will get mad at first, but they will understand.

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