Why doesn't my husband pick the phone up?

We are in a long distance relationship nd sometimes he doesn't pick up the phone for like a week doesn't call back im confused don't understand what is going on what am i supposed to do i even Send him stuff on Facebook nd he doesn't reply he looks at it but doesn't reply i dont understand what's up with him


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  • Maybe he has another family or girlfriend who would be upset if he communicated with you.


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  • That is totally wrong. Any guy that cares about a wife does not go for a week ignoring her. The only reasons that jumps to mind are that either he is a top secret spy under cover or he is in a relationship with someone else there.


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  • I would think he has a family somewhere else. Even if he doesn't, I wouldn't tolerate that behavior in a relationship. As a person you deserve so much more.

  • How are you in a long distance relationship with your own husband? It is never ok for a husband to ignore his wife for that long, communication is what makes a marriage work and its even more important for a long distance relationship. You need to have a very serious talk with your husband, if your marriage is going to work, you need to be able to talk.