Ideas for a good dress as a wedding guest?

Any opinions from men and women? My friend is getting married, she is the luxurious type, and will marry in a chic place, but not in a church.(FYI: we are in europe)
I am single right now, and I just don't know which type of dress to chose.
I want to look special and elegant, yet sexy with cleavage (appropriate for a 30y old).
So if it's too short I am afraid it looks slutty, but long is a bit grandma style or over the top...
anyone has any tips what they like / recommend? or absolutely don't recommend?


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  • Ooh weddings! How fun! I think whatever you feel comfortable would be fine, just maybe not anything white or anything similar to the bridal party in color. If its warm and outdoors, you could go for something with a bolder color and flow-y, but if its cooler or indoors, perhaps light colors or neutrals would be better, but if you have a little red number you feel really confident in and you feel would be appropriate for the event, I say go for it! :) Have a great time!


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