My wife masturbated a guy when we were married for 7 years during a limo ride from the church to the reception. We have been married for 33 years now?

It was witnessed by her cousin, two sisters, and other guys but my wife has denied this for 33 years now. She denies it to this day, even though others in the limo have corroborated it. I was waiting at the reception hall because I was not in the WP, and her cousin told me that "something happened" between my wife andva guy she thought was cute in the limo. I was also told that he had returned the favor by reaching under her dress.

  • It was cheating and you should confront your wife
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  • Let sleeping dogs lie
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  • 33 years is a long time to be married for an 18 to 24 year old...


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  • Wow. You should definitely confront her. It's going to eat away at you for the rest of your life if you don't.


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  • Your age on this site say you are 18-24 but you say you have been married for 33 years? How exactly does that work? To answer your question, yes if my wife jacked a guy off I'd be pissed. Regardless of how long ago it happened. If she was my wife she has no business touching another guys c@$k!

  • If you stay together you should have been married for 237 years by the time you are 32.

  • Don't worry about it bro, just think to yourself, is it worth even brining it up I mean you've been with her for 33 years, you've probably made some mistakes too bro. Just leave it alone or you'll fuck up every good thing that ever happened to you.