Parents!!🙈🙉🙊 don't want this to be a disaster?

My parents will be totally against it if I say that I have a boyfriend on campus.. The thing is he wants l come home with a proposal... how do i approach this... what do I say that they would buy.. saying the truth isn't even an option.. They will accuse me of breaking their trust.. n get really angry... I'm so confused as to how I should even approach this topic


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  • 1. take yourself out of the shooting range as a target... there's this guy "friend" I know that doesn't have a place to go (fill in the time), so I thought it Christian to bring him home, rather than be alone in the dorms (fix up the details you know better than I)
    2. he just a classmate that's helped me a bit in studies & I him &/or he's part of my study group
    3. his family is (list all the positives) - this is a bonus in sending kids to college, meeting all the right people
    4. it won't cost you... (list whatever money, food, accommodations they might have to donate)
    5. now the details of the flight/other, pickup needs, etc. so their calendar notes will tell them exactly what/when to do = less stress

    • Lol.. telling them about him will prob have them want to kill me... this is way to foward... will get me into more crap 🙈🙉🙊

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    • My mum knows.. but she warned me against taking this foward... but I think I'll have to find a way to tackle it with my dad.

    • Maybe a word to the wise (hopefully this guy is wise) wold convince him to play the classmate long enough to win over your Dad and maybe some other visit the time might be right for you to tell him... try to go a bit further...

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  • Wait a second! Why would they be angry at you for having a boyfriend? And why would you need their approval to start dating at this age?

    • Coz they staunch on the religion... n it would mean me having sinned if I do have a bf... They expect it to happen arranged and someone choosing me

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    • I live in south Africa. He's serious about marriage and he wants to tell his family already... campus is over this year for the both of us.. he's even moved back home already

    • Then his family can simply contact your and inform them that he has seen you on campus and is very impressed by you and likes you. Both you and your parents get what you want. Right?

  • Lie until you graduate. Religion can cloud normal judgment.

    • I'm graduating this year... campus is done for the both of us... i just need a solid story for my family

    • Lie seriously just lie. What kind of story do you think they would swallow to accept you being with a man when they are staunchly against it? None, so just lie and don't tell them about him and after you graduate you may have more freedom and can make up a decent story or move out on your own and have no worries.

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  • It is an option. They'll be mad, but what can they do about it? You're old enough now, and they have to understand you're living your life not theirs. I highly doubt they'd disown you or anything like that for this.

    If you're too worried, you just have to say he's a friend, but you can't lie forever, the truth will have to come out eventually.

    • I know I'm just scared of disappointing them... but I've never felt so strongly for any guy before

    • Don't worry about disappointing them. Part of being a kid is disappointing parents. We make choices they don't like, we get grades they don't like, we still have to learn.
      My parents, before they married, their relationship was how yours is now and when they got married their parents especially my moms parents didn't want to speak to them again. But parents will always speak to their kids if they love them, so their families forgave them and now they been happily married for 39 years.

      Our parents always want the best for us, but our parents aren't perfect and don't always make the best choices.

      Be with the guy who loves you. You may never find something like this again.

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