Relationship advice I've recieved: no matter how beautiful or rich your partner, you'll fall out of love so find someone who knows how to love?

this stuck with me since i m a sucker for beauty and too often, disregarded some other imporant things to look for in a partner. i personally think the media and beauty industry messed our standards up in what we should expect form our partner...


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  • The media has emphasized that two good looking people who are successful is the only way to having 'the' perfect relationship.

    The way I think of relationships is completely different. I look for someone that has great internal values. Great looks are just an added bonus, as they shouldn't be the #1 priority.

    The media has taught us to expect the highest of high standards, which is why everyone constantly experiences heartbreaks. It's a recipe for disaster, and it's really sad to me.

    • i love your answer, especially the last part about standards that lead us into heartbreaks. can i use that as my ffacebook status? lolol ill put silly silberman as your quote

    • Lol thanks. Do whatever you want!

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