Did the train bar woman find me attractive?

Today when I was on the train, I asked the lady who serves the refreshments whether it was the correct train I was on and she said it was and smiled directly at me in a rather nice way.

Then as the journey went on, she came with her trolley and asked if I would like any drinks, I ordered one and as she poured my drink and I paid she said 'thank you' and smiled at me again rather flirtatiously.

As she passed by a time later, she smiled once again.

She was in her late 30's - late 40's.

Did she find me attractive?

I winked at her as I found her to be very attractive.


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  • yes she probably wanted you to propose to her right there from the signals she was giving. bet as she was pouring your drink she was thinking of what to name your first born.


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  • Being polite, smiley, and answering questions are all part of what her job entails. I wouldn't read that much into it if I were you.