Marriage... and the closeness to your partner?

Girls, do you feel that your ability to give your partner sex steadily diminishes over time, in a marriage? Does this have something to do with him being the SAME partner? If you had to change partners, would you enjoy sex again (outside the marriage, or in a new one)?


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  • The reason in my opinion why changing partners increases sex drive (I. E. why infidelity is so exciting, new, and fresh) is because things have grown stale with the "old" person.

    Men are usually almost exclusively physical and sensual creatures, while women can be given great sex physically, but if her heart is not in it, she will not enjoy it.

    With a new person there are hopes, and excitement that has not been beaten down by reality, yet. So they can seem exciting, and fulfilling... But in the end it ends the same as the spouse.

    In my opinion, when a wife is not as excited about sex as she once was, it is because the husband was not as excited about her being in his life... as he once was.

    When you were dating, there was a spark, a passion, true love, and a desire for romance.

    It wasn't one- sided, or you likely would not have married her.

    The issue is not that you two have changed, it is that you have grown accustomed, used to each other. The spark has been taken for granted... And you both forgot the pangs of loneliness that plagued your hearts before you met. A blanket of warm, comfortable staleness has infested your souls, and it kills relationships.

    It is a matter of pride, of recognizing that things have grown commonplace and realizing that the spark needs to be fanned- not of sensuality and sexuality but in the deep emotional connection that was shared during dating.

    If you are married and considering introducing a third party into the relationship- don't. It will divide already stressed and stretched souls and hearts three ways instead of two. It will also likely end in tragedy for your relationship with your wife.

    There are no quick, easy ways out, unfortunately. If my assessment is correct, then you must go back in time to discover the woman you fell in love with. A new connection must be made- and once her heart belongs to you again, so will her body.


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  • No my sex drive is way higher than my fiancĂ©'s so she he's game I'm game and the sex is mind blowing. Also why would I risk our relationship for some who might be able to get me for someone who gets me every single time?

  • My concern is that he would get tired of my body especially if I had children. My pussy might become looser bc of babies. But because I have heard of too many affairs bc a man wasn't having enough sex with his wife, I will always be available for my husband not only as a act of love but because i'll probably enjoy it.

  • I have absolutely no desire to sleep with anyone else other than my spouse. Ever. Even if we got a divorce I wouldn't sleep with anyone else.

    • How long have you been married?

    • You say that now but I very much doubt that if you ever split with someone you would then go the rest of your life not being with anyone else!

    • 3 years. Dated for 10.

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